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What is the difference between Excess and Umbrella? Let’s take a look...

Excess Follow Form versus Umbrella and what the differences are between these two Policies and why you may need them

Umbrella liability

Gives business owners additional protection for the gaps and overflow that their other insurance policies do not cover. The insurance it provides is based on the coverage form found in that Umbrella policy, not just in the underlying policies. It can provide extra insurance for the gaps missed in the underlying policies.

Excess liability

A policy issued to provide limits in excess of an underlying liability policy. The underlying liability policy can be, and often is, an umbrella liability policy. An excess liability policy is no broader than the underlying liability policy; its sole purpose is to provide additional limits of insurance. Excess Liability policies follow the forms of the underlying policies and nothing more

What is the process of filing and settling a claim?

Our agents will make sure you know who to call and what happens after you file the claim
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