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Don’t let the term confuse you….The term originates from early shipping days when merchants, who relied on bodies of water for transportation, need protection for their goods. Now, transportation uses a variety of systems over land, rails and air, but the original term still applies.

The term floater is used in insurance to refer to a policy that covers gaps or extends coverage of other policies.

Inland Marine insurance generally covers property that is movable or transportable in nature. It is often used to cover property that needs broader protection than what may be provided by the typical Business Owners Policy.

Whether you are working off-site, shipping or transporting goods, or need coverage on contracting equipment, Commercial Inland Marine insurance should be part of your overall plan.

Did you know........It is important to note that though Inland Marine coverage protects property in transit it does not cover the actual vehicle you use to transport property

We offer coverage for various classes of property below and more:

  • Property in transit
  • Mobile equipment and tools for artisan contractors from machinery to hand tools
  • Dealers Service coverage for property and equipment contractors/installers are responsible for during installation, servicing, or repair.
  • Transportation coverage for property shipped by or to you via common carriers
  • Motor Truck Cargo coverage for customers' property transported by you in your truck
  • Trip Transit for one-time shipment of goods/property
In addition to covering a wide variety of property types, Inland Marine coverage often covers a wide variety of damaging events, or "perils," that put property at risk. An Inland Marine Insurance policy can be written as…
>  An all-risk policy, which covers all types of perils unless otherwise stated. Usually, it includes a list of
    exclusions that details events the policy won't cover.
>  A named-peril policy, which only covers events listed in the policy and nothing else.

All-risk policies usually cover perils such as fire, windstorms, other natural disasters, collisions, and theft. But be sure to read the exclusions carefully so you know exactly what's covered.

Talk with an agent to find out if Inland Marine Insurance can help protect your property GSIA can help you meet your coverage needs…

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